Strategizing Does Not Equal Sandbagging

I was guilty of it for my first few years of CrossFit...I went 100% all the time, every time.  Or at least what I thought was 100%.  The reality was that even though my perceived effort throughout the WOD was 100%, my true  effort was continually declining until there were WODs that I could barely finish. My energy output throughout a WOD just dropped off and made me feel like I was giving all the effort I could because I though every workout had to feel like a sprint.  Then I saw how many of the top CrossFit competitors tackled their workouts in a methodical fashion, not a frenzied mad dash. I used to think that trying to apply a strategy to a WOD meant that I was being lazy or that I was not doing what CrossFit wanted me to do.  Clearly if the workout feels easier, then I am not getting as good of a workout.  WRONG!  CrossFit measures fitness through power output.  That mean the faster I can move more weight, a longer distance, in shorter time, the more fit I am regardless of perceived effort.  Many of you have probably felt this when you PR'd on a lift and afterwards felt like it was the easiest lift ever.  That's because perceived exertion does not translate to actual power output.  Efficiency is the name of the game so if you can be more efficient with your movements and strategy, then your power output for the same perceived effort will go up. So what does this mean to you?  It means you need to approach every WOD with a plan.  Yes, there are short WODs that are just all out sprints (think Fran).  But [...]