HeadQuarters – CrossFit

static warm up (No Measure)

PVC pass thrus x 10

PVC around the worlds x5 each direction

PVC shoulder opener (press pvc into ground)

10 leg swings forward (each leg)

10 leg swings side to side (each leg)

20 air squats

20 split squats (x10 each leg)

lizard pose

hamstring stretch

calf stretch

seal pose

twisted cross

thread the needle


20min to est

1rm snatch (power or full)


Power Snatch

2019 C4D1 (Time)

15 min cap

For Time:

70 Calories on Assault Bike RX 70 cal row/ski

45 Wallballs 20/14lbs

20 single Dumbbell Box Step ups 50/35s, 24/20″

for every rep left add 1 second to cap.