HeadQuarters – CrossFit

static warm up (No Measure)

PVC pass thrus x 10

PVC around the worlds x5 each direction

PVC shoulder opener (press pvc into ground)

10 leg swings forward (each leg)

10 leg swings side to side (each leg)

20 air squats

20 split squats (x10 each leg)

lizard pose

hamstring stretch

calf stretch

seal pose

twisted cross

thread the needle

Snatch warm up (No Measure)

3 tall muscle snatch

3 behind the neck press

3 power position muscle snatch

3 behind the neck press

1 overhead squat (or snatch balance)

-put down and shake it out-

3 power position power snatch

3 above the knee power snatch

3 behind the neck press

1 snatch balance or overhead squats

-put down and shake out-

3 tall full snatch

3 above the knee full snatch

3 below the knee full snatch


Power Snatch

Touch and Go


(Heavier than last time)

if you are not comfortable with how power snatches move, you can do this by dropping and resetting for each rep. the goal is to move well, not necessarily throw a bunch of weight

Power Snatch

Metcon (Calories)

3 Rounds:

AMRAP 4:00

36 Wallballs 20/14lbs

12 Toes to Bar 16 k2e

Max calories on the bike/row/ski with time remaining

Rest 2:00

fill the bikes first then the rowers and finally the ski erg