HeadQuarters – CrossFit

static warm up (No Measure)

PVC pass thrus x 10

PVC around the worlds x5 each direction

PVC shoulder opener (press pvc into ground)

10 leg swings forward (each leg)

10 leg swings side to side (each leg)

20 air squats

20 split squats (x10 each leg)

lizard pose

hamstring stretch

calf stretch

seal pose

twisted cross

thread the needle

Clean warm up (No Measure)

4 muscle cleans

4 front squats

3 hang power cleans

3 front squats

2 below the knee squat cleans

2 front squats

5 strict press

4 push press

3 push jerk

2 split jerk


Squat Clean 5×3- Drop and Reset every rep

(Start around 80% based on feel)


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds:

Ski or Row 500/400m

20 Overhead Squats 75/55lbs RX- Front squats