HeadQuarters – CrossFit

static warm up (No Measure)

PVC pass thrus x 10

PVC around the worlds x5 each direction

PVC shoulder opener (press pvc into ground)

10 leg swings forward (each leg)

10 leg swings side to side (each leg)

20 air squats

20 split squats (x10 each leg)

lizard pose

hamstring stretch

calf stretch

seal pose

twisted cross

thread the needle

The little OG (No Measure)

50 ft (half slow half fast)knee to chest

50ft (half slow half fast) butt kick

50ft toy soldiers

50ft walking lunge

2 rounds

10 cossack squat (side to side squats)

10 slow descent air squats



If you hit less than 8 reps last week, lower the weight.

If you hit between 8 and 12, repeat weight and beat score.

If you beat 12 reps, up the weight.

Warm up sets:

8 reps @50% of working weight – Slow controlled pause squats

6 reps @75% – Focus on speed

Working Set – Max effort reps at chosen weight.

This is about volume, NOT maximal weight. . You choose a weight you think you can hit for 8-15, then we want to see you go for broke. Turn the set of 15 into 20.

Back Squat

Metcon (Time)

For Time


Toes to Bar (RX- sit ups)

Kipping Handstand Push-Ups (RX def push ups 45/25)

Power Snatch 95/55lbs 75/55