To provide quality world class level functional fitness training that will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but will also lead to a happier and healthier life. to strive for excellence at all times, as coaches, athletes, and community



Integrity defines our box both structurally and morally. we hold both our athletes and staff to the highest level of integrity. whether its shaving off reps, not performing the movement up to standard, to interpersonal relationships between client/staff. we hold our integrity to the gold standard. our word is our bond.


We hold community above all else, everything we do is for you, our members. We pride our box to be a place where you not only get a great workout and shape your fitness, but also as a place where you a can make life long friends. If any of our members or coaches are in need, we will come together and lend a helping hand.


Safety of every single member of our community is out number one priority. Our Certified coaches provide instruction, group management, and develop training prgorams to ensure that a safe training environment is established, and properly identifying any hazards that may affect ones safety